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Dino Sight Words

Ya está a la venta el segundo juego que hacemos para la empresa argentina Tipitap.

Dino Sight Words, un juego educativo que desarrollamos con Dario Georges. 30 levels, 2 áreas, 13 items de customización y 2 diplomas coleccionables, lava, dinosaurios, plantas exóticas y la conquista de los sight words del idioma inglés. ¡Jurassic fun!

Mobile Videogames

Junto a Darío Georges estamos desarrollando juegos infantiles para dispositivos mobile para la empresa Tipitap.

En marzo lanzamos el primer desarrollo que forma parte de un bundle de 3 juegos sobre "Groovles".


Photo Safari

Photo Safari

Nothing says  quality time  like playing a family board game with your kids. Its fun for children — and adults — of all ages! 

Tired of seeing everyone playing separately on their own devices? Don t you wish you could bring the whole family TOGETHER over a fun game that everyone can enjoy? Groovles Photo Safari delivers a wonderful  family time  experience at home or on-the-go. 

Join our space heroes taking turns with the spinner to journey around a tiny, circular alien world collecting photographs of the cutest Groovles! They are as adorable as they are elusive, so take aim, think fast and snap away!

Earn badges as you complete the different photo ops. But watch out! Land on the low battery icon and youll lose a turn. And, if you land on the bolt youll earn more memory to capture more pics! The first one to get all the pics wins.

The game is so easy and fun. Up to 4 players (and you can also play by yourself)

With Groovles it s never over till it s over. It can be anybody s game. Make it yours. 

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Running (Tipitap 2016)

Running is a new amazing — fast-tapping — multiplayer game. It’s original and unique in the gaming landscape. Run as fast as you can by tapping your fingers on the screen (left, right, left, right!!!) Short races, marathons, treadmill lanes, sudden death, tournaments, with obstacles and powerups! 

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Spanish Fun (2016)

Spanish Fun (2016)

A fines del 2016 desarrollamos, junto a Dario Georges y Tipitap, un juego educativo para que los chicos practiquen/aprendan castellano. 

Kids learn Spanish by helping our two adventurers, Luisa and Daniel, find some treasures on a deserted island. Kids must complete three different paths while they practice vocabulary, reading, writing and comprehension in four fun filled game styles. 

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